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How to correct section in archive?

The `libtricks' package is a package with a shared library that 
replaces the stat(), chown(),  etc. functions in libc, and make them
do interesting things.

Needless to say, this is rather complicated, and the one section this
package should not be placed is `text'. So, that is apparetnly why
the archive maintainer has decided to put libtricks there.

I've already send to emails to the contacts for ftp (the last one
I sent to maor@ece.utexas.edu, not sure where I sent the first one),
but so far no results (yes, I did wait several weeks for responses,
but never got them).

Does anyone here know how/who I can ask to put the section of
librticks right? (The right section probably is `devel').

(please, respond also personally, as I'm currently not subscribed to this
ilst. Furthermore, I'll go on holidy next monday).


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