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intent to package kaffe: free Java implementation

Kaffe is a GPL'ed implementation of Java (including virtual machine,
compiler, just-in-time compiler, bytecode interpreter, and standard

The implementation is not yet complete, though the things missing are
few enough that you probably won't notice, except that ,some Java 1.0
APIs (notably the Java 1.0 event model) that are deprecated in Java
1.1 onwards` are not provided and probably never will be.

There have been a couple of Debian packagings of kaffe around, though
none is current / ,of reasonable quality`.

I can upload this (and the snapshot version, kaffe-snap_1998mmdd) as
soon as I get registered as a Debian developer: probably 2nd week of
October, unless some Melbourne (Australia) Debian developer wants to
sign my PGP key before Oct 6.


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