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Re: KDE in Debian: suggestion for resolution

On Wed, Sep 09, 1998 at 08:32:33PM -0400, Raul Miller wrote:
> > While just pulling KDE would be doing something, it wouldn't really
> > fix the underlying problem of why we pulled KDE. My suggestions might,
> > if the Troll and KDE people are willing. Otherwise, pulling KDE is all
> > we could do and I doubt they'd lose sleep over it.
> If they'd not lose sleep over it, then what's the problem with us 
> pulling it?

None, other than that it doesn't fix the problem.  It's a band-aid for
Debian, but that's about it.

> > Being a user, I want results.
> Well, you can use gnome.  Or, if you don't care about moral or legal
> issues you can get kde from their web site.

I could use gnome, but it's currently a bit buggy.  And KDE has those
problems ...

> > Being a developer, I want the right thing done.
> Yep.
> > Being myself, I can't see how this thread prior to my message would
> > actually have done anything constructive other than possibly removing
> > KDE from contrib (and non-free for that matter) KDE would still be
> > broken.
> And it's not something we're free to fix.

That's why I suggested to the people who can fix it at least one way they
might.  No promise the terms I suggest will work with the GPL, but they're a
starting point if troll tech is interested.

> > People would remain uneducated and use it anyway because it works for
> > them and they could care less about licenses.
> We should probably put together a press release?

Possibly.  Once we have some agreement within the ranks.  I think we're
going to have to call a vote on this one, too volitile for simple consensus
of the lists..

> > Pro-M$ rags would still be able to claim there is massive infighting
> > amonth the KDE people and the Gnome people over what is legally and
> > morally acceptable, and things would continue as they are now.
> Actually, I think that dropping KDE for legal reasons would do more to
> squelch that rumor than just about anything else.  This "infighting"
> concept implies that there's no real reason for the issue.

I don't.  I think they'd ignore the legal reasoning and licensing and just
say that Debian has joined Redhat in saying that the easiest to use set of
programs out there is not suitable for our operating system.  But they speak
only lies and half truths about us now as it is.  Nothing changed here.

> > We can do better than that. We are DEBIAN! We don't leave problems
> > unanswered just because the easy way is to walk away from them do we?
> Only where we're free to do so.  With KDE+Qt, we don't have a legal
> right to address these problems.

We have a moral right to let the TT/KDE people know it's really important to

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