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Re: Info sucks?

On Sep 16, Seth M. Landsman decided to present us with:

[good stuff on cultural expactations deleted]

> 	Therefore, if I were to implement a text-based UI, I would follow
> the key bindings that emacs follows or vi follows.  This would follow the
> cultural norms we've come to expect, and could almost be called intuitive

The problem we face here (in GNU/Linux systems) is that we have
people with so many different backgrounds. For some, emacs
bindings are the "norm"; for some, vi is; a good portion of us
doesn't come from an Unix background, and of these some think
CUA is "standard" and others think Wordstar/Borland is
"obvious". There are even people who were spoiled by NE
(Norton's) and try to "F3-Q" to quit... ykes :-) (my dad for one)

So _my_ rule of "a good keyboard UI" is - configurable bindings
rule. That's why I'm so addicted to joe, even when it miserably
lacks mouse support.

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