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Re: include line on libgtk-dev

>  When compiling some programs I've got one error message saying that
> couldn't find glibconfig.h file on glib.h file.
 So I changed on /usr/include/glib.h
> line 22:
>  #include <glibconfig.h>
> for:
>  #include "/usr/lib/glib/include/glibconfig.h"

>  ... and it worked ! :-)))
>  Is this some bug !?

Yes it is, this is not the correct way of doing things. but it is an 'official' bug, so you will have to live with it.

you should use the following 'official' hack to get arround it :

link with :

gcc ...your stuff... `gtk-config --headers` `gtk-config --libs` or something similar.

Ugly, isn't it ?



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