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Re: Free Software Clarification

Greg Vence <gvence@bsat.com> writes:

> I believe that GPL prevents _any_ derived work from being commercial. 
> LGPL does the same except that commercial applications may link to them.
> (ie compile using its header).  I'm fairly certain that GPL applies to
> the author as well as others.  Does someone else know more?  

The holder of the copyright has the right to change the license of
future versions. The license grants certain rights to other people. 

> I haven't read anything in the GPL about this exception.  The reason is
> that anyone can modify the GPL source and redistribute it.  GPL seems to
> be a "once saved always saved" program. :)  

I think kisdn is an example for this (I heard they turned commercial).
But they can't take the GPLed version away from the community though.


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