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Re: FTP mirrors

> > I'd like to change our (informal) policy to require that all official
> > mirrors mirror both the ftp and web archives. This would allow us to
> > place links on the web pages directly into the archive.
> > 
> > Jason, hopefully I'll have time to look into setting up push mirroring
> > for the web pages in about 2 weeks.
> Alot do already, but that's hefty, you'd need about 6GB to throw around.
> Could we do some CGI magic on master perhaps instead? 
It's on the todo list. The problem with using a cgi script to do redirects
is that it creates a point source of failure. Just because we will never
let master go down for long doesn't mean we couldn't lose net access to
it for a few days.

Along those lines, maybe we should more properly set up va as a backup for
master. Mirroring the archive there is only half the solution. At a minumum
we need to make sure that dinstall has everything it needs to run and mail
can be delivered.

Jason, what file should I use to generate the list of mirrors for doing
the redirects? The redirect script is already on master so only the
menus need to be created.

Jay Treacy

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