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Re: Intent to resurrect nfsroot and package etherboot

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Brian Bassett <brianb@mail.wsu.edu> writes:

> I've recently been playing around with a diskless workstation working.
> I've found that the nfsboot package currently sitting in project/orphaned
> helps this rather nicely.  I've been in contact with Joost and he's given
> me his blessing to resurrect this package back into main.
> Additionally, I've been using etherboot to create ROM images for booting my
> workstation.  It's a neat utility that I found on sunsite.  Works
> beautifully for creating netbootable floppy images also.
> Comments?  Suggestions?

good idea. I'm running my personal workstation with nfsroot and
netboot (is part of Debian). Another but less free way would be using
a commercial boot rom plus the (till now) cost free available
bpbatch. It's described in den Linux Remote-Boot-HOWTO


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