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Re: Info sucks?

Lalo Martins <lalo@webcom.com> writes:
> I found also "The Design of Everyday Things" - same author,
> Currency/Doubleday, 1990, ISBN: 0385267746; the reviews of both
> lead me to think "The Design..." is more useful for us geeks.

Last time I looked, this was just a reprint of the original, with a
title change to make its subject matter obvious to a (presumably)
different and/or broader audience.  (To quote the public library
catalog: "NOTES 1: Reprint.  Originally published: The Psychology of
Everyday Things.  New York : Basic Books, c1988.")

Either edition should, of course, be considered required reading...


Rob Tillotson  N9MTB  <robt@debian.org>

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