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Just packaged: netselect 0.2

Hi all,

A couple of months ago I released a preliminary version of netselect, a
program to choose the fastest server from a long list of possible servers.

Among other things, it could be used with APT to choose the best
ftp.debian.org mirror, Squid to choose the best cache neighbour, or IRC to
choose the least laggy server.

I've put together a new version based on several suggestions that I
received, and I built a Debian package out of it.  For those who commented
on it before, here's what's new in 0.2:

	- much more reliable reporting of ping times and packet loss.  It's
	  actually almost trustworthy now!
	- it doesn't quit after an arbitrary timeout.  Instead, it makes
	  sure that it's sent a user-definable minimum number of packets to
	  each host.

	- it assigns each host a "score" value automatically, and can choose
	  the top one or more servers from the list.  The default mode is to
	  simply print the #1 winning server.  So if I type:
	  	netselect -s 2 ftp.debian.org ftp.cdrom.com ftp.de.debian.org
	  It prints something like:
	  	107 ftp.debian.org
	  	163 ftp.cdrom.com
	  (lower scores are better)
That's it!  There's no longer any excuse for you guys to delay integrating
it into apt :)

Any and all comments are welcome.  There's a reason I didn't call this
version 1.0!

Have fun,


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