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Re: Fwd: hc-cron-0.9beta - cron for home computers

On Thu, Sep 03, 1998 at 08:44:00PM -0000, joey@kitenet.net wrote:
> Begin3
> Title:          hc-cron
> Version:        0.9 beta
> Entered-date:   27/08/1998
> Description:    This program is a modified version of Paul Vixie's widely
> 		used cron daemon. Like the original program it runs specified
> 		jobs at periodic intervals. However, the original crond relies
> 		on the computer running continuously, otherwise jobs will be
> 		missed. This problem is addressed by hc-cron, that is indended
> 		for use on 'home-computers' that are typically turned off 
> 		several times a day; hc-cron will remember the time when it
> 		was shut down and catch up jobs that have occurred during
> 		down time when it is started again.

Does this mean we could replace our cron and anacron packages by hc-cron?
That is does it handle both functionalities?

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