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Intent-to-package: berlin DR1

I have been in contact with graydon, and have been watching the project grow
from vaporware to something real. I would like to contribute, although it
will be far from finished, a packaged version of berlin .01 at the point
(soon) that it is released.
	This will give program developers a solid idea of what exactly
berlin is, what its capabilities are, and a working development environment
for the new corba-based windowing system. I would assume that the package
be placed in contrib (and project/experimental or project/alpha) rather than
main until which time it becomes fully developed.

I have checked the WNPP and cleared the idea with graydon before sending
this notice. If anybody has any qualms with the notion, let me and the rest
of the debian community know ASAP.

Of course, before I can do anything real, I need to get a video card
supported by GGI. I've successfully built ggi & berlin on other machines
(with extreme pain), but not on my home computer (which features an exciting
2 meg trident 9680 card). Perhaps something matrox? ;)

Anyway, look forward to getting involved in developing debian again.
 Aaron Van Couwenberghe -- vanco@sonic.net

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