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Re: How to correct section in archive?

Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> writes:
> On Mon 21 Sep 1998, Adam P. Harris wrote:
> > Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:
> > > Joost Witteveen wrote:
> > > > Does anyone here know how/who I can ask to put the section of
> > > > librticks right? (The right section probably is `devel').
> > > 
> > > Submitting a bugreport to ftp.debian.org is the best way.
> > > The package is in "utils" now, as suggested in that bugreport.
> > 
> > Actually just uploading a new version of the pkg with the correction
> > section/subsection should do it.  The new version of the
> The point is that the original package had the correct section listed,
> it was just misplaced by the archive maintainers. Hence, uploading a
> next version probably doesn't guarantee that this will be corrected...

True.  This is because the override file needs changes.  In cases
where you can seen from the dinstall log that the package is going to
a place not indicated in your debian/control file, you need to ask for
a change in the override file.

To be honest, I'm not sure if the best way to fix this scenario is (a)
a bug against ftp.debian.org, or (b) an email to
<override-change@debian.org>.  Guy?

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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