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gnustep &c...

After the discussion on the gstep-* packages, I grabbed them to look
at the layout (since WindowMaker 0.19.0 comes with WPrefs.app, which
wants to fit into the GNUstep hierarchy). I don't see what's wrong
with the current layout. From a technical standpoint, the GNUstep
directory needs to be layed out as it is to agree with the OPENstep

The only real options for the location of the GNUstep directory are
/usr/lib/GNUstep and /opt/GNUstep. It would look kind of funny off in
/opt, especially since we've determined that /opt is for non-Debian

I don't see anything in the FHS to disallow it, as long as any
configuration files are moved to /etc/GNUstep with links pointing to
that location. 

It would be a real shame if a project such as GNUstep could not be
accomodated in debian, especially since GNUstep fits in so well with
the Debian ideals otherwise. It sure would be nice if we could make a
determination on this and "bless" some location for the GNUstep

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