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Re: Intent to package runas...

Michael Bramer wrote:

> Hello
> From the Readme:
> #         Runas is a program that allows the super-user to run a program as if
> # an ordinary user ran it. There are two main uses for runas, and both relate
> # to security.
> #
> #         One is to allow the super-user to execute a binary given by an
> # un-trusted user. Suppose the program is /usr/smith/program. The super-user
> # simply creates a dummy account, say one called 'nobody' which doesn't have
> # sufficient privileges to do any harm (the account needn't have login
> # capability). The super-user can then do:
> #
> # 'runas nobody /usr/smith/program'

Out of my head, this is a runas clone:
    exec su -c "'$@'" $user


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