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Re: Info sucks?

On Thu, Sep 17, 1998 at 10:14:07PM -0500, dsb3 wrote:
> >pico is still simplicity all the key are at the bottom.  It though is a
> >very weak editor.
> Just to add my $0.005 to the discussion.  I use pico for emails because it
> (1) comes nicely integrated with PINE and (2) is easier for email style
> writing.  It auto wraps moderately well.  It has a paragraph format
> control sequence, a line delete sequence and that's pretty much all I find
> myself needing for email 99.5% of the time.  The other 0.05% of the time I
> just pipe the text out to vi and do whatever...

If you migrate to a free email client such as mutt, you'll find pico painful
tu use.  Also, vi you say?  Well, if you like the vim variant (I do) see
/usr/doc/vim-rt/examples/mail for an example of how to deal with mail. 
linewrap, paragraph reformat, ispell (though I need to analyze this and Do
It Differently, I need spell word--I don't trust spell file and I think
that's what it does)

> I use vim for other text editing because it's moderately lightweight.
> emacs loaded too slow while I was choosing my editor path so didn't get a
> look-in.

As I said, check it out for mail too.

> To be honest I've forgotten how this whole thread started, but lets not
> forget that a text editor should be suited to the task at hand.  To take
> the discussion a stage further, linux is far from perfect.  Yet what
> matters is that it does (for me) everything that's critical, most of
> what's desirable and until I either write stuff or wait for other people
> to write stuff that suits me just fine.  

Indeed.  That's why I like programmable editors like joe and to a smaller
extent (because I don't understand how to program it) vim.

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