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Re: ISDN problem ....

In article <35F30F1D.C64B8927@student.dei.uc.pt>:

> I've been having some problems on my isdn connection. When i'm working
>on net, sometimes
>the connection just stop from send/receive packets and I need to hangup
>and start again. :(
> My syslog file:
>Aug 10 23:23:48 cavern kernel: pcbit: invalid frame length -> TT=7364
>Aug 10 23:23:48 cavern kernel: pcbit: layer 2 error

This doesn't sound like a problem relevant to debian-devel.

Please ask in the de.alt.comm.isdn4linux newsgroup (mainly german spoken
there, but english questions will be answered in english).

Paul Slootman
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http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software,   Enschede,   the Netherlands

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