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Incomplete success with 2.88 boot image

Thanks for all the help with this problem. I have gotten a bit farther,
but am still not completely successful.

I got a friend to send my the 2.88 meg boot image from a Turbo Linux CD,
and discovered that the image was FAT12 not FAT16 as I had built.

I went back to mformat and gave it -C and got a FAT12 image. What is a
bit disconcerting is that mformat now creates a FAT12 whether I provide
the parameter or not. This either means that I screwed up the first time
(but I don't see how), or that mformat remembers these parameters
somewhere (but I'll be damned if I can find it).

Anyway, with a FAT12 image the boot process proceeds a bit further but
still fails.

It loads the root.bin and linux images just fine. The kernel starts
booting up and proceeds to the point where it says:

compressed image found ...

and begins uncompressing the image, only to fail with a long stream of:

end_request: IO error, dev 01:00, sector xxxxx

Where xxxxx is an even number. The last sector reported is 11998.

The device is /dev/ram0, so it looks like the ramdisk isn't large enough
to hold the root image.

I have no idea how to enlarge the ramdisk. I am using the same parameters
as the current boot image:

kernel linux
append load_ramdisk=1 initrd=root.bin

When I boot using loadlin I am used to a line like:

loadlin linux root=ramdisk initrd=root.bin

So I'm a bit confused.

I suspect that it is possible that I haven't configured the kernel
properly, but the fact that it tries to load a ramdisk suggests that this
is not the case.

The question is, "How do I tell the kernel to make the ramdisk larger?


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