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Re: Intent-to-package: berlin DR1

In article <19980912211419.A1118@spire.dyn.ml.org>,
Aaron Van Couwenberghe <vanco@sonic.net> wrote:
> [ plans to package Berlin ]

Sounds good...

>Of course, before I can do anything real, I need to get a video card
>supported by GGI. I've successfully built ggi & berlin on other machines
>(with extreme pain), but not on my home computer (which features an exciting
>2 meg trident 9680 card). Perhaps something matrox? ;)

A couple of things:

I've already packaged libggi.  The current version in slink is a little
old, but I am working on a more recent version.  I would assume Berlin
doesn't directly use any of GGI apart from libggi?

Libggi has many display targets other than the KGI one.  You can work
on libggi programs without having to have a kgi-supported graphics card
-- a working X server or svgalib will do.  I don't have a kgi-enabled
kernel at all just at the moment, but I can still test almost all of
the libggi targets.

Charles Briscoe-Smith
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