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Re: Info sucks?

Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> wrote:
> The keys are completely non-intuitive. I have read the help; two hours
> later, I cannot remember how to use info. It takes significant effort
> to learn anything which is non-intuitive. emacs is similarly
> counter-intuitive, which is why I use nvi.

Here's how I use info:

info ______     (to bring up whatever I want)
Control-s ____  (to locate stuff more specifically)
		control-s again to go to next instance
		escape to stop searching (or just about any nonprintable key)
space           (to scroll)
pageup          (to go back within a page)
l               (to go back if I've scrolled across a page boundary)
arrow keys      to go to a specific reference
enter           to follow a reference I'm on
q               to quit

Ok, sometimes I use tab, which means roughly the same thing as
it does in lynx...


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