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Free Software Clarification

I need clarification on `Free Redistribution' in DFSG

A friend is considering releasing a useful package, but wants to keep
exclusive rights eventual commercial distribution.  He doesn't want someone
to take the code, modify it, and then sell the result.  He has no problems
with distribution fees associated with packaging a group of software on CD.
This is okay with DFSG, right?

The DFSG say that the license may not restrict any party from *selling* or
giving away the software as a *component* of an *aggregate* *software*
*distribution* containing programs from several different sources.  The Am

Am I correct that the DFSG doesn't mean to allow people to sell
modifications of SW obtained under the DFSG?

Users may sell a CD with his package aggregated into it, but cannot modify
and sell his package for other than redistribution fees.  Is this DFSG-ok?

What license should he use to achieve this?
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