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Intent to package wav2cdr

Cdr2wav can convert wav files to a raw format. The default format is cdr,
therefore wav2cdr. In the process of conversion it can find silences, add
silence and switch endianess or read from raw and write output to wav.

Here the lsm-entry:

Title:          wav2cdr
Version:        2.1
Entered-date:   1998MAY03
Description:    This program converts wav sound files into a format suitable
		for CD-ROMs, and can perform some editing functions like
		cutting or volume change. It is rather rudimentary, the wav
		file must have the same sampling parameters as CD audio. Runs
		on big and little endian machines.
		Unix/Linux/Solaris, MSDos, ...
Keywords:       sound, wav, cdr, cdrom
Author:         v.kuhlmann@elec.canterbury.ac.nz (Volker Kuhlmann)
Maintained-by:  v.kuhlmann@elec.canterbury.ac.nz (Volker Kuhlmann)
Primary-site:   sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/apps/sound/convert
		53k wav2cdr-2.1.tar.gz
		1k  wav2cdr-2.1.lsm
Copying-policy: GPL

B. Warmerdam                                              GNU/Debian Linux
bartw@xs4all.nl, bartw@debian.org (Keyid: 10A0FDD1)       ----------------

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