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Re: Intent to package: ippfvsadm

On 12 Sep 1998, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

 : Could this wrapper be made the 'original ipfwadm', which calles the correct
 : firewall administration program (ipfwadm/ipchains/ippfvsadm), depending on
 : kernel?

ipchains/ipfwadm are kind of the same program. I don't know if ipchains can
handle the same kind of 'forwarding' as ipportfw/ippfvsadm does, but
according to the manpage, it can't.

According to Alan Cox' diary [1], it is far from sure the new things
introduced by ippfvsadm (eh the changes in the kernel I mean) (the
load-balancing feature) will be in 2.0.36. We'll see.

As for now, I don't think it's necessary to write another wrapper. Until
the package is needed in the distribution, it isn't. Let's just wait and see
what the kernel hackers do, I'd say.


[1] <URL:http://roadrunner.swansea.uk.linux.org/alan.shtml>

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