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Dynamic Library name collisions

I have just updated blt4.2, and released a new package blt8.0. Both contain
upstream BLT2.4f...

blt4.2 contains BLT2.4f compiled and linked against tk4.2
blt8.0 contains BLT2.4f compiled and linked against tk8.0

They should (and currently do) provide a libBLT.so.2.4, and thus cannot
both be installed simultaneously. This is, I believe, inconvenient, as
it is quite possible (and likely) to have executables linked to either.

I could give one a different so number, but that would mean autoconfig
scripts would be confused at so numbers which were not the ones expected.
I could change the name of one, but again this would be confusing for both
people and autoconfig scripts (and makefiles).

Currently I have made them conflict with each other. Is their a better


Gordon Russell
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