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Upgrading to Debian 2.1 Re: Upgrading to Debian 2.1 and NFS Re: Uploaded dpkg (source i386 all) to master Re: Uploaded postilion 0.8.7-2.1 (source m68k) to erlangen Re: Uploaded tmpreaper 1.4.8 (source i386) to master Re: userid for vmailer Vacation Vacation. vote on who is your favorite linux distro? Vote Results: Steak Vote Web Pages Wacky thing with a dialin ppp server Wastebasket aka trashcan What about pam? what am I doing wrong? Unable to build libc5 programs with slang What is the security hole in find -exec rm -- {} \; ? When a source package splits into two Where are sdoom and xdoom Who had agreed to take perl-tk? who's in charge of va, master ? Why do we need lshell? why does rvplayer need rpm? Why won't patch create new files? WNPP: IceConf 0.1.3 Won't package tcpview wordlist packages: transition to update-alternatives and FHS Re: Work for developers wxxt/wxgtk X problem again x-chat, yagirc, httpd statistics X11R6.4 freed Re: Xdelta (Was: About the GPL) XDM on 2.0 XEmacs, TeX, and Re: Lengthy Debian install procedures yagirc Yet another license: Cygnus eCos Public License Your Friends Will Want To See These! Re: your mail The last update was on 09:48 GMT Sat May 07. There are 1624 messages. Page 4 of 4.

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