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Intent to package: aboot 0.5 [alpha], mailcheck [any]

I have already packaged aboot 0.5 [Alpha] and mailcheck 0.98 [any].
Aboot was announced on debian-alpha several weeks ago, after I learned
that nobody else was working on it.  A prerelease was uploaded to

If no-one else will take MILO, I would like to work on that as well.
MILO is the most common bootloader on Alpha.

I also intend to help in the Debian/Alpha porting effort.

I will upload these once my maintainer application has been processed.



Package: aboot
Description: Linux bootloader for the SRM console
 aboot is the standard Linux bootloader for machines with the SRM firmware
 installed.  If you're using ARC or AlphaBIOS, you need to use MILO instead.
 This package allows creating Linux kernels which are bootable from
 hard disk, CD-ROM, floppy (extept on Jensen), and network (using BOOTP
 and TFTP).  Also included is sdisklabel, a crude program for creating
 Digital Unix (OSF/1) style disk partitions.
 If your machine is capable of running ARC or AlphaBIOS, you may
 want to consider using MILO instead.  MILO will even work with SRM,
 with limitations.  If you have a machine that isn't supported by MILO,
 you dislike ARC, or you need to boot via network, then aboot is your
 best bet.

Package: mailcheck
Description: Check multiple mailboxes/maildirs for mail
 Mailcheck is a simple, configurable tool that allows multiple mailboxes
 to be checked for the existence of new mail messages.  It supports both
 mbox and maildir-style mailboxes, for compatibility with most mail
 transport agents.

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