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Re: korganizer available

> I made my korganizer debian package at 
> 	http://www.ra.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/~rainer/Download/korganizer/
> available. Since it is my first Debian package, I would welcome it, if
> anybody of the mentors could look into the package for obvious
> packaging mistakes.

Check is out with lintian (if you run lintian against the .changes file it 
points out packaging mistakes)

The README.Debian needs editing.

You seem to have created the debian directory twice, so there is a
spurious debian/debian directory.

If you take the upstream pristine tarball, and rename it to 
korganizer_0.9.11.orig.tar.gz before doing a build, you will get a pristine 
copy of the tar in the package (rather than the current one with the directory 
name changed to  korganizer-0.9.11.orig)

You need to get the author(s) to make a change to the license.  The GPL is not 
valid for binaries that are linked against non-free libraries.  You should 
contact the author and ask him to change the license to something like:

  This code is distributed under the terms of the GPL, with the additional 
  permission you may link it against Troll Tech's Qt library and distribute 
  the resulting binaries.

  Please note, this does not in any way affect the terms under which Qt is
  distributed, which prohibit the distribution of modified versions of that

Cheers, Phil.

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