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Re: Kernel compile fails on Cyrix...

Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:

> If you're having these problems then you must have a bad Cyrix chip or
> something.

Might be, I don't have another chip to try...

> The later ones have no problems, and neither do the AMD
> chips.

So I've heard... I have heard a lot of bad things about the earlier ones (my
chip is a rev 2.6, and I think it starts at 2.3 or 2.4 something...).

> We've got a headless server at home running a Cyrix P150+
> that's seen 100 days of uptime several times. My current personal
> machine is a K6-2 and it has no stability problems now. It did when I
> first got a bad motherboard, but now it's rock-solid.

How do one tell if one have a bad motherboard? Mine is a ABit PH5 bord, and
I've never heard anyting about this bord... I didn't even know that it existed
(ie, I've never heard about ABit) when I got this board two years ago...

> >> > I never installed Debian on a Cyrix, is this a known cyrix problem?
> >> > If not what can be the cause?
> >
> >It is, and it's because Cyrix is crap! I get this gcc thing to, and it seems
> >that it's only on bigger files (??). I've learned to live with it, I haven't
> >been able to afford another CPU, and now it's impossible to find a replacement
> >Intel (non-mmx, >166MHz)...
> Sounds like you may have memory/system problems other than CPU. You're
> showing classic symptoms of memory that's having problems, in fact.

The memory is okay, I got some memory test software from a guy at the
'linux-kernel' mailinglist, and I think most of these guys know what they
are doing... :)

Maybe it's that it is a faulty Cyrix I have, but I doubt it... I got a friend
that had a little newer Cyrix than me (we got our at about the same time, only
that I got one that's been laying around for a couple of weeks... Cheaper :),
which he later upgraded to another Cyrix, but faster and wich MX code.

He had/have problems with both his CPU's... His Linux uptime is crappy to.
I've heard quite some people that have Cyrix, and have stable systems, but
none of them have actually recomended Cyrix for Linux-only use (not even
the guys on linux-kernel... That might be a clue, I don't know... :)

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