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Intent to package - gs-aladdin-manual

If i hear no objections, i'll upload in a pair of days the
two packages gs-aladdin-manual and gs-aladdin-manual-de.
They contain the english and the german version of the 
Ghostscript user manual by Thomas Merz: you can find them at 

The two packages will go in non-free/doc

I append the control file and the license (for the english version):



Source: gs-aladdin-manual
Section: doc
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Marco Pistore <pistore@di.unipi.it>

Package: gsfonts
Architecture: all
Priority: optional
Depends: pdf-viewer
Suggests: gs | gs-aladdin
Description: The Ghostscript user manual by Thomas Merz (English)
 The manual, in PDF format, covers many aspects of Ghostscript, including 
 installation, configuration, build process, applications, and 
 It also includes a complete list of display, printer, and file format 
 drivers supplied with Ghostscript.
 It is updated for version 5.01 of Ghostscript.
 Please notice that some of the contents of the manual dos not apply to the
 Debian distribution of Ghostscript.


The Ghostscript manual may be freely copied and redistributed
in printed or digital form if no payment is involved. Commercial
reproduction is prohibited. However, the author agrees to any
redistribution along with the Ghostscript software, provided the
distributor complies with the applicable Ghostscript license

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