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Re: Intent to package Arla, and some questions about kernel includes

gsstark@mit.edu (Gregory S. Stark) writes:

> I'm trying to build arla, a free AFS client.

> But I'm having a problem. It's looking for include/linux/modversions.h, which
> doesn't seem to be present in the libc6-dev package. This file seems to be
> generated by the kernel build process, so it seems a bit odd that arla would
> be looking for it. Should arla be using a different include file? or should
> there be a version of such a file in the libc6-dev package? or should I be
> using -I/usr/src/kernel-headers type parameter?

Arla needs the file to build kernel modules.  Your resulting package
will be dependent on the version of the kernel (and the compile
options) that you got the "modversions.h" from.  IMHO, this file belongs
in kernel-headers and/or the users' private kernel build tree, but not


# zgrep modversions.h Contents-i386.gz 
usr/src/kernel-headers-2.0.35/include/linux/modversions.h    devel/kernel-headers-2.0.35


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