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Re: KLyX (Was: Not only KDE)

On Thu, Sep 10, 1998 at 11:53:11PM -0600, Anthony Fok wrote:
> LyX in the first place AFAIK.  Some developers in the LyX Team were mildly
> annoyed and expressed concerns about the split in development efforts.

Yes, that was the last statement I got too.

> The LyX Team has been working to make LyX GUI-independent so people can port
> to whatever widget sets they prefer.  KLyX, to some, seems to be unnecessary
> duplicate efforts, and it would be better for the people working on KLyX to
> contribute directly to LyX's GUI-indepence instead.  However, apparently,
> the KLyX people just can't wait and leave KDE without a decent word
> processor.

That's what I don't like about KDE.

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