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Re: gnustep &c...

>>"Joel" == Joel Klecker <jk@espy.org> writes:

 Joel> At 09:59 -0700 1998-09-02, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> Hi,
>>>"Joel" == Joel Klecker <jk@espy.org> writes:
 >> Because /opt is reserveed for *add-on* application softwware.

 Joel> It could be argued that apart from the base system,
 Joel> *everything* in Debian is "add-on".

	The common nterpretation is that what Debian distributes is
 the OS. Debian is the vendor. Add=on packages are packaged by third
 Joel> /usr/lib/GNUstep is wrong,
 >> Umm, why? We may need to move the config files out (as we
 >> would for /opt, according to the FHS [/etc/opt]), and move the bin
 >> files out (leaving behind symlinks). This takes some work, initially,
 >> to package.
 >> But why is it wrong?

 Joel> 4.5  /usr/lib : Libraries for programming and packages

 Joel> /usr/lib includes object files, libraries, and internal binaries that
 Joel> are not intended to be executed directly by users or shell scripts.

	So far, so good. Ans so on. You have merely quoted the
 standard; I fail to see where packaging GNUstep in /usr/lib would
 violate that (move all binaries to /usr/bin/gnustep; maybe, and all
 config to /etc/gnustep).
 >> Sorry, the latter breaks the FHS.
 Joel> I disagree.

	As you may. However, we could ask on the FHS list, if we
 needed a clarification. 

	I really think, after an informal poll, that the argument that
 only the base is really debian, all the rest is add on is in conflict
 with the facts, and is at best, sophistry.

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