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Re: Free Software Clarification

I wrote:

> A friend is considering releasing a useful package, but wants to keep
> exclusive rights eventual commercial distribution.  He doesn't want someone
> to take the code, modify it, and then sell the result.  He has no problems
> with distribution fees associated with packaging a group of software on CD.
> This is okay with DFSG, right?
"Greg Vence" wrote:
> The only potential problem I'd see is in his intent to keep rights to
> 'eventual commercial distribution.'  It seems we're going through
> something quite similar with X.

Yes, but that's allowed.  Isn't it?
His intent is not to sell it, but wouldn't want someone else to make a
bundle on his back.
> The rest of what you described follows the GPL quite well.  The only
> chage is here when GPL would say that there can _never_ be a commercial
> release of this code.

But the license doesn't apply to the copyright holder.  He would be allowed
to sell a future (probably enhanced) version, but could not withdraw the
original GPL version from circulation.  Thus the users are `protected'
in the sense that the free version will also be free.

Am I correct?
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