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Re: PHP5? ping: Stephen Zander <> Plan for Mozilla Firefox and the release please check if yours bugs reported against wmaker still apply Re: Please help sorting out which sid updates need to make sarge Please participate in popularity-contest Re: Re: Please remove me from the callwave list please please stop the dh_makeshlibs -V madness Please think before filing bug reports! Please, don't remove noteedit package from sarge Re: Please, not more font packages Please, not more font packages (was Re: ITP: ttf-angular -- Wipeout 3 Font) problem with unput macro in flex Problems with Alioth and svn Processed: Re: Bug#242950 acknowledged by developer (Bug#242950: fixed in libnasl 2.0.12-2) Processed: Re: Bug#266007: general: "Unable to resolve GL/GLX symbols message when starting OpenGL application" Processed: Re: Bug#268024: bash: test -e gives wrong exit code Re: PROPOSAL - REFORMULATED - Create alternative Packages files for each section PROPOSAL - REFORMULATED - Create alternative Packages files for each section Re: PROPOSAL - REFORMULATED - Create alternative Packages files for each section Re: PROPOSAL - REFORMULATED - Create alternative Packages files foreach PROPOSAL to sarge+1 - Split main in sub-repositories question for you..... rebuild only selected targets from source packages Rejet de votre message Re: Release update Re: Release update: base and standard frozen reporting bug Re: Request to remove pine-docs from testing and unstable Re: Resignation Restarting Apache server after upgrading modules restricting /dev/vc/* to root.tty 660 Resubmit ALL the pages of your site to search engines Results of your commands RFC: associate upstream email with every source package RFH: Debtags - Evolution of package metadata RITP: LOAF Re: Re: run debian off usb flash drive (Intern) Sarge how-to with what one still needs to do for a basic desktop install (review relevant) Re: Sarge, kernel-image, and i586 Sarge, kernel-image, and i586-SMP Re: Sarge: GCC 3.4 in Sid sbuild package SE DETECTO VIRUS EN EL MENSAJE ENVIADO POR USTED. second mainframe (very cheap) Second announcement - Bug Squashing in Darmstadt, 20th - 22nd August 2004 the seconds must be converted to Unix epoch. shipping unneeded config templates? sildenafil cit.rate tablets are just $4.35 per 100mg tablet here small unkown tools Snort packages up for adoption Some confusion about Src and Bin packages Some questions Re: SPF (was: Re: Bug#257644: ITP: libspf2 -- Sender Policy Framework library, written in C) Re: SPF - exim4 + Squid and mime: Global/Master mime database needed. Status of the 'standard' and 'base' system for the amd64 port stolen laptop, new key, lost mail stopping reiser4progs package installation (was Bug#264582: package breaks everything else) strange Perl code in mrtg Submission for Suppressing loading of a kernel module synching non-free packages for sarge Tcl packages up for takers TclODBC package? Testing netapplet Re: Re: Thanks! There, I think I got it tiff status tiff status? UAE Online vending machine shop Unidentified subject! unnecessary adoption by QA-team Unofficial buildd network has been shut down Unstripped perl modules from autobuilders? unsubscribe update-pam and update-nsswitch updates Urgent sponsorship required for six source packages Re: USB Corless Mouse Not working in X use of *-rc.d in *.{postrm,prerm} w/o || true or || exit 0 Versioning fast-development libraries (call for help with debtags packaging) Re: Very cheaap prices for the top-rated software! sequin volatile data in packages Watch file format issue and guide Web applications what costs the same as a cup of coffee, but is ten times more satisfying? Re: What now? what package(s) do I submit bugs for? what people don't know what's new in sarge Where to get System Info (maybe OT) (was: Re: Bug#265986: ITP: gnofract4d ...) Who runs the t-p-u autobuilders? wishlist: spamhaus SBL+XBL on d.o accounts Wow, I Really Need This! khD Wwwconfig-common, was: Re: Web applications Re: Your bill Re: Re: Re: Your document Re: your mail Your mail was rejected. Re: Your product Re: Your text The last update was on 07:11 GMT Sun Apr 15. There are 1992 messages. Page 4 of 4.

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