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Re: PROPOSAL - REFORMULATED - Create alternative Packages files foreach

Am 2004-08-26 22:53:51, schrieb Chad Walstrom:

> OK, so perhaps it's not really overkill, but think about it.  People are
> worried about bandwidth and database bloat.  Answer me this.  Why does
> everyone need a full copy of all available packages in the Debian
> archive?  Why not simply ask about information you're interested in?
> There are a number of protocols out there that could accommidate such a
> solution: ODBC, native SQL clients, X-Path.  Hell, GNATS has regex
> matching for querying its index file.  It might not be much of a stretch
> to build a GNATS compatible index.
> Anyway, enough brain-storming.  Time to go to sleep. ;-)

You mean, for each search/show making a request at p.d.o ?

This will be overkill, because the download of a Packages.bz2 
is much faster and cheaper the asking every day 5 times for 
Informations via Internet...

Sorry, but the OP was talking about POT's and bandwidth problems.


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