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Re: unnecessary adoption by QA-team

la, 2004-08-07 kello 00:09, Erik Schanze kirjoitti:
> I have noticed that QA-team adopt the gif2png package.
> I'd like to veto here.

As John mentioned, it was him who did the assignation to the QA team, as
is proper procedure when orphaning.

What was not proper procedure was that I didn't re-title the bug to
indicate that I wanted to adopt the package. I only sent mail (on July
26, to debian-devel, two days before your ITA) that I intended to do so.
Nor did I follow the WNPP bug and didn't realize someone else wanted the
package. I don't read -mentor (nor -devel anymore), either. My

I have just uploaded a new version (2.4.7-3). It indicates that I'm the
new maintainer and also fixes bug (#258822, manual page formatting
error). I would have uploaded earlier, but I was busy and wanted to fix
the bug before I uploaded, so as not to upload only to change
maintainership information.

If you wish to take over maintenance for the package, I'll be happy to
give it to you and sponsor uploads (though I may be slow with that,
depending on work pressures). It would probably be best to wait for a
while before a new version is uploaded, to avoid putting unnecessary
pressure on the buildds right now, they seem to be overloaded. I sent
the web2png.xml patch to ESR, who said he'd be making a new release
soonish (possibly with no other changes, though), and waiting for that,
at least, would be good.


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