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Versioning fast-development libraries (call for help with debtags packaging)


The debtags codebase is getting fairly stable and I'm planning to
release version 1.0.  However, I have a problem wrt versioning schemes.

The whole thing is composed of:

    tagcoll		depends on libtagcoll
    tagcolledit		depends on libtagcoll
    libdebtags		depends on libtagcoll
      debtags		depends on libdebtags
      debtags-edit	depends on libdebtags

The two libraries' interfaces are getting good, but I expect that as
other programs make use of them and the user base scales up in number,
bugs will be exposed and many small changes will be required that break
source or binary compatibility.

Of course the standard way to handle these issues would be to change
pacakage name every time source or binary compatibility changes,
however, since I don't consider the interface to be very stable yet, I
risk flooding the archive with lots of libtagcoll1.x packages and not
being able to track all of them anymore (taking care of the development
itself is already complicated enough, as you might imagine).

Is there some more restrictive versioning and dependancy scheme I could
use?  I tried setting shlibs so that packages would depend on =version
instead of >=version, but that seems to be a bit too restrictive.

Or better, is there someone that would like to help me out with the



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