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stopping reiser4progs package installation (was Bug#264582: package breaks everything else)

hi all,

i have a problem with reiser4progs package, with version 0.5.6 the disk
format of the filesystem changed.

the conversion of old filesystems is performed at the first filesystem
check, operation that should not trash existent filesystem data. the
new disk format requires a recent patch in the kernel otherwise the
user will not be able to mount the converted partition.

in order to not let the user unwarned of the "live" fsck she will face
and, most important, make her aware of the required change of kernel,
i decided to present the classical question via debconf to stop the
install (making preinst returning 1) at the last minute.

i recall to have seen something like this before but my users seem to
not like it at all.

any suggestion?


On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 01:03:27PM +1200, Mark Robinson wrote:
> Let me try and shed some light on this debacle.
> I'm assuming that the original reporter has his priority for debconf 
> questions set to critical or none. Consequently he doesn't see the pop up 
> window giving him the option to allow some dodgy patch to mess with his 
> filesystem. The defaul (No) is thus selected, and the rest of the upgrade, 
> all following packages, not just this one, breaks.
> Completely daft.
> In my case, being a bit paranoid, I select NO, BOTH times the popup window 
> appears, as I prefer not to let a fresh package in unstable mess around 
> with my filesystem, at least until some other poor fool has done so first. 
> Same effect.
> The user electing to stick with the old filesystem format should not break 
> the installation process. This is a critical bug. The popup window itself 
> says things should keep working.

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