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Re: Web applications

> Urgh, questions. The user has to tell what apache they're using!? Are
> you running apache, apache2, or apache-ssl? This sort of question must
> be avoided.
or apache-perl or caudium or ...

IMHO, it's not mad to ask to an administrator to register all the httpd, 
database, ... ressource he has in some centralized thing, and then that 
web apps only have to chose between the ressources he registerd.

It will then be possible to install say phpmyadmin only for the apache2 
server, where as he may want to have imp3 on both apache2, and 

> I have just come across wwwconfig-common. Perhaps it just needs some
> patches regarding the new powers of debian-sys-maint of mysql-server,
> its importance re-instated and the "apache type" (httpd) question
> scrutinised (again).

I guess there are plenty other questions, sean listed quite a lot of them 
(but not all of them I believe). maybe we should just make a good list of 
them, sort them between db engines questions, web apps questions, http 
server questions, etc ... and then write a policy for each sort of 
problem, should we ?

moreover, wwwconfig-common is a great idea, and the actual maintianer is 
really responsive. But I think that it's not very well done (all args are 
given through env vars, and that clearly sucks : not very secure (any API 
change, and we fuck up the entire thing), not very readable (using a 
script is in 3 steps : settings envs, sourcing the script, and reading 
envs, it's IMHO quite hard to read, and difficult to use -> not really 
possible to simply use those scripts in loops)

IMHO, we should think at a brand new tool, more secure (comprehensive 
error semantics, and stuff like that), easier to use (these env vars are 
nonsense), providing some registered ressource database (then we only 
have to choose an already registered ressource, instead of telling all 
its parameters each time) ... 

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