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Web applications

Web applications as packages in Debian suck.

They're often a pain to install and remove. Please lets not discuss the
quality of the actual Web applications themselves! ;)

They're usually the LAMP(Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP/Python/Perl) sort and
when it comes to setup a mysql root password needs to be asked and an
apache config include question. These questions are avoidable.

Christian Hammer's package mysql-server (>= 4.0.20-8) now features a
debian-sys-maint super user which can setup mysql users and databases.
My NMU of Wordpress is the first package to do this [1]. I hope other
packages will follow suit and improve the usability of the package. Mass
bug file?

The apache question. I've mailed already to debian-apache [2] with no
reply. Perhaps we can discuss Web Applications right here on
debian-devel? I would like to eventually see a policy of how they should
be deployed in Debian. Then the apache include question can be avoided.

My suggestion [3] would need probably another configuration dependency
of DNS authoritative server API of some sort. :/ Thoughts?

My timing is pretty bad. I should bring this up again post-release.

[1] http://svn.natalian.org/debian/wordpress/trunk/debian/postinst
[2] http://people.debian.org/~terpstra/message/20040812.163123.10c9e911.html
[3] http://natalian.org/archives/2004/08/09/dropping-the-www

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