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PROPOSAL to sarge+1 - Split main in sub-repositories


One thing everybody knows and many worry about is that the Packages file
is getting too big. The bad news (or good news) is that it tends to grow
even more, which most people would agree.

I'm having a weird experience on trying to keep a 486 with 8MB RAM
updated in sid, the three main problems are: I have to download through
a PPP on the serial line, I have only 8MB of RAM, so I have to create a
specific packages file with a small set of packages in my local mirror,
and I have to keep this file updated, or else I would have to wait a few
days to Process the entire Packages file.

What I planned is the following...
split main to the sections inside it, in a way to have separated package
files for each section, so I can choose which sections I don't want at
all, like kde and gnome, and maybe even games, or sound (since I don't
have a sound card in this computer)...

The potential advantage is that this could be used in any computer, for
example, I don't use KDE and I always assure that I don't have any kde
library installed (I have something personal against it :), I could just
avoid the downloading of the kde Packages.gz file, saving not only
bandwidth, but also memory when processing it.

What do you think?

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