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Re: unnecessary adoption by QA-team

Hello Lars!

Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi>:
> la, 2004-08-07 kello 00:09, Erik Schanze kirjoitti:
> > I have noticed that QA-team adopt the gif2png package.
> > I'd like to veto here.
> As John mentioned, it was him who did the assignation to the QA team, as
> is proper procedure when orphaning.
Aha, I was puzzled about:
 Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
 Changed-By: Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi>

I thought you are member of QA Group and did this upload.
A similar thing was previously happen (I still wrote it), because that
I cry into 2 lists.
I'm sorry.

> What was not proper procedure was that I didn't re-title the bug to
> indicate that I wanted to adopt the package. I only sent mail (on July
> 26, to debian-devel, two days before your ITA) that I intended to do so.
> Nor did I follow the WNPP bug and didn't realize someone else wanted the 
> package. I don't read -mentor (nor -devel anymore), either. My
> apologies.
It seems I missed your mail on debian-devel, perhaps caused by big 
amd64-traffic last days. ;-)
I read in DWN that gif2png was orphaned, so I saw my chance to solve the
bug that I filed agains it by myself.

> I have just uploaded a new version (2.4.7-3). It indicates that I'm the
> new maintainer 
Unfornately, no.
Maintainer still is "Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>".
That was the thing that puzzled me.

> and also fixes bug (#258822, manual page formatting 
> error). 
That I also still fixed. ;-)

> If you wish to take over maintenance for the package, I'll be happy to
> give it to you and sponsor uploads (though I may be slow with that,
> depending on work pressures). 
That would be great. I'm not a DD yet, and it is hard this time to find 
a sponsor on debian-mentors.
Otherwise my package had won the race. ;-)

> It would probably be best to wait for a 
> while before a new version is uploaded, to avoid putting unnecessary
> pressure on the buildds right now, they seem to be overloaded. I sent
> the web2png.xml patch to ESR, who said he'd be making a new release
> soonish (possibly with no other changes, though), and waiting for that,
> at least, would be good.
Thank you for information. I have translated man pages into German, which
I'd like to see in sarge.

Should we do an upload very soon to fix Maintainer:-Field and add man ages or
will new version come these days?

Kindly regards,

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