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Re: strange Perl code in mrtg

Whee, clusterfuck.

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 09:41:56PM +1000, Russell Coker wrote:
> 71: use FindBin;
> 72: use lib "${FindBin::Bin}";
> 73: use lib "${FindBin::Bin}${main::SL}..${main::SL}lib${main::SL}mrtg2";
> MRTG in unstable has the above code which gives the following error if it 
> can't get read access to /root (giving getattr and search access is not 
> enough):
> Use of uninitialized value in string at /usr/bin/mrtg line 72.

First off, what's happening here is probably that FindBin failed to
find the binary, so $FindBin::Bin is undef. (I'm assuming this is the
case - otherwise you have at least a perl interpreter bug; not unknown
but not likely).

> Why does this Perl code need read access to the /root directory?  I think that 
> it has no good reason to even try reading that directory, and if it does try 
> it shouldn't give an error condition if it can't succeed!

Yes, clearly something went wrong here. Probably because the strange
selinux environment behaves in an unexpected way - FindBin is a fairly
heuristic bit of code, by necessity. It's supposed to croak() when it
fails but didn't, and it probably shouldn't be failing either.

Assuming basic familiarity with the perl debugger, this sequence of
commands should suffice for you to debug it:

perl -MFindBin -de42
b FindBin::init
p FindBin::again()

Running this in precisely the environment that confuses FindBin is
more tricky - can't help you with that one.

The problem should be fairly obvious. It may be related to the working
directory, or to $PATH. FindBin isn't particularly sophisticated.

You're looking for no less than three bugs here:

1) It should have thrown an exception, instead of leaving an undef
2) It shouldn't have been undef
3) It shouldn't have been looking in /root

The last one might be caused by invoking the script in a strange way.

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