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Re: PROPOSAL - REFORMULATED - Create alternative Packages files for each section

Em Sex, 2004-08-27 às 14:25, Michelle Konzack escreveu:
> Am 2004-08-26 21:35:45, schrieb Daniel Ruoso:
> > Yes and no, because I think the user should still have the choice to not
> > download a section even if some packages in the selected sections
> > depends on it. Because I may want to don't install some packages of that
> > section, installing only the packages that doesn't have the dependency
> > broken.
> ???  -  What do you want ???
> Staticly liked binaries ?

Absolutely no. I'm just telling that even if cron depends on a MTA, i
may want to not install cron, so I don't need any MTA. The same for
other cases.

> > apt-cache would search on the available packages (from the sections I
> > decided to download). p.d.o already tells me in which section the
> > package is, so is just a matter of downloading that section's packages
> > file.
> So you mean, a person which has no money to buy a bigger Computer 
> as a 486dx33 with 8 MByte of memory, has the money to connect via 
> an expensive POT to get informations about one Package by 
> contacting p.d.o ? 

There is a huge confusion. The point I made here has nothing to do with
the proposal of accessing p.d.o every time to find for information. I do
use p.d.o for searching sometimes, and what I was telling is that p.d.o
would not be useless because of my proposal.

BTW, if you like so you can give me a better notebook, I would be really
happy with a new one. A 486 55mhz with 8Mb RAM was all I could afford,
and yes, I do have good internet access at work.

> For some years I had a 33.600 Modem and downloaded tonns of stuff 
> with it... Without any problems...

BTW, the biggest problem isn't the download time, but the processing
time, that is really huge.

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