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Re: Web applications

hey guys,

i totally agree, and have had an inkling to bring this up for some time.
web apps are totally un-standardized in how they install themselves,
bad enough in some cases to actually do damage (to themselves, at

in my eyes, the following should be dictated by a "web apps policy",
or at least "reference".

- whether/how to prompt for database usernames/passwords via debconf
  (if necessary), and how not to store the root password.
- whether/how to prompt for whether to leave the database after purge
- default settings, disallowing default username/passwords for
  web-accessible services.
- how to get a list of different installed web servers, and how to
  select which ones to target for installation.
- whether/how to include one's configuration with apache.  ideally there'd be
  a conf.d style directory, though if the apache folks could settle
  on a name for their config script calling that in postinst would work
  too :) 
- php ought to have a php.d directory
- whether/how to restart the web server
- fhs-compliant layout for sites, examples of how to seperate the config
  from the rest of the site.  what constitutes something that ought to
  be in /var/cache, /var/lib, et c.
- debhelper macros for as much as possible

there's probably more....  anyway, i'd be very interested in discussing
this further, as i think it's an area that could use a lot of work
(post-sarge, of course:)


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