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Re: Plan for Mozilla Firefox and the release

Well it looks like the firefox team missed their release, so I
obviously couldn't package it. I hope some one can step up and do some
work on the package while I'm away, since no work is coming out of me
for the next 2.5 weeks :)

Take care everyone, good luck with the continuing release process. 

* Eric Dorland (eric@debian.org) wrote:
> Hello all,
> This is more of a plan/call for help. As of August 17th, we will
> basically be frozen. August 13th also happens to be when I'm jetting
> off for two weeks in Australia (the rest of my packages are in good
> shape, see http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=eric). Firefox
> 1.0RC1 is scheduled to be released August 10th. This is a pretty tight
> time frame.
> The problem is that 0.9 firefox isn't in testing and probably won't
> make it. There are two release critical bugs holding it back. I need
> the help of alpha porters to nail #259836. The other is #259046, which
> is more fundamental problem with 0.9, the new extension manager is
> broken. It's been fixed upstream, but the changes are rather
> invasive, and I'm loathe to back port them.
> So I'm going to push to get 1.0RC1 into sarge. As soon as it's
> released I'm going to package it up and push it into unstable. I
> realize this is generally considered bad form, but getting a newer
> version of firefox is also desirable since 0.8 contains a number of
> security issues.
> So, on one hand I need maintainers who package locales and extensions
> to be aware that this is going to happen. On the other hand I need a
> couple of volunteers to help guide firefox into sarge with NMUs and
> what not, since I'll be away the period of August 13th to September
> 1st. I'd really be grateful to anyone who could help out, thanks. 

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