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Re: Status of the 'standard' and 'base' system for the amd64 port

On 04-Aug-03 14:43, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de> writes:
> > debootstrap   : Install 'libstdc++6' as 'required' on amd64
> Thats from gcc-3.4. Why is that required for pure64?
> > gcc-defaults  : Change the defaults (for amd64 only)
> Again, why? We haven't yet switched over to 3.4 and its largely
> untested. I would be nice but would create a lot more broken packages
> for amd64.
> > If these 12 patches can somehow be applied and uploaded to the main
> > archive, the 'sid' source distribution will provide a fully working
> > 'standard' and 'base' system for amd64.

The 12 patches enumerated in my last email include all changes which are 
necessary to build the 'standard' and 'base' system for amd64 with 
gcc-3.4 as the default compiler.

The amd64 port will have to use gcc-3.4/g++-3.4 for some packages that 
do not compile at all with gcc-3.3 anyway (e.g. the mozillas, galeon,
boost, gnustep-base). Of course, some other packages will break with 
gcc-3.4. But for most of those packages, patches have been filed to the 
BTS already. Many of those gcc-3.4 patches have already been applied 
by the maintainers (thanks!).

> > For a working 'standard' and 'base' system in 'sarge',
> > the amd64 port will also need the newest 'sid' version of glibc
> > (glibc-2.3.2.ds1-15), which is not (yet) in 'testing'.
> The maintainer said he would upload a version to t-p-u once that
> works that is contents wise like sid but a lower version as needed for
> t-p-u.


Andreas Jochens

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