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Re: Status of the 'standard' and 'base' system for the amd64 port

On 04-Aug-03 11:13, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   I will not apply any patch to aptitude to support unreleased
> architectures until base is frozen, and possibly until sarge is released.
> Among other things, every upload I make will force a rebuild on *all*
> architectures and reset the clock for getting into sarge (which doesn't
> matter as much once base is frozen, but will cause problems if I have RC
> bugs later).

Thank you for your reply to my status report for the amd64 port.

I apologize for not having sent a bug report for aptitude to the BTS 
I just corrected this and filed a bug with normal priority and the 
proper one-line patch (see BTS #263267 "aptitude: FTBFS with 
gcc-3.4: an explicit specialization must be preceded by 'template <>'").

This bug is in no way specific to the unreleased amd64 port. It is a 
general FTBFS bug which occurs on all architectures when gcc-3.4 is 
used. The C++ code is simply not complying to the C++ standard, but
earlier gcc versions just did not complain about that.
When Debian switches to gcc-3.4 after sarge is released,
this will even become a serious RC bug.

Of course you are right that it is too late (and not necessary) to fix 
this for sarge. However, it would certainly help the amd64 port to
have a fix for this in 'sid'.

Andreas Jochens

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