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Re: PROPOSAL to sarge+1 - Split main in sub-repositories

Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> split main to the sections inside it, in a way to have separated
> package files for each section, so I can choose which sections I
> don't want at all, like kde and gnome, and maybe even games, or sound

There are more than 30 sections; this would make sources.list completely 

Also, if you run up the numbers you will see that there are almost no 
reasonable combinations of sections to leave out on anything but highly 
specialized systems that will give you a space saving of say at least 
25%.  You usually need at least one shell, one editor, one mail thing, 
one program to access a network, some Perl module, some utility, etc.

A solution that avoids shipping the entire Packages file every time 
sounds like a more promising idea.

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