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Re: tiff status

On 2004-08-20 Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> wrote:
> So I guess my question is: what exactly is holding up the
> tiff->testing transition now?  Is there some place I can look to see
> more clearly than the scripts and web sites I know of now?


| Update [2004-08-15] To make the transition manageable a
| tiff3g-sourcepackage generating libtiff3g has been uploaded to
| unstable, it will be removed before sarge releases but it does away
| with the requirement of all tiff-using packages being ready for
| propagation to sarge at the same time.
| Update [2004-08-18] It'll take a little bit longer because all
| packages depending on libtiff3g-dev (not just build-depending) need to
| go in together. There are some missing builds and these packages
| include
|     * camlimages, which AFAICT pulls in the comlete Ocaml 3.08 upgrade.
|     * imagemagick, which has a soname transition (libmagick5.5.7 to
|       libmagick6) to make.
The current plan is to force libtiff3g built from the
tiff3g-sourcepackage and libtiff4 as soon as possible into testing.

This will require (temporarily) removing blocking packages and
intentionally breaking some selected packages, when removing is not
doable. (One of the difficult packages is koffice, it depends on
libmagick5.5.7 in sarge and the version in sid cannot go into sarge
because it is linked agains kdelibs 3.3)

When this will happen afaik basically depends on whether the testing
scripts offer a big enough hammer, that allows ro intentionally break
stuff or whether this functionality needs to be implemented first.
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